A DAY IN THE LIFE is a beautiful, rare, specific type of photography...

A documentary style session to shoot and deliver joyful, authentic photographs.    

Photographer Amber McHugh captures genuine, emotional images of families.   Meaningful documentary-style family photographs.  Amber takes a unique approach to family photography, leaving posing techniques and studio light at the door to capture real moments, as they are lived.  Using special techniques for creating the relationships and environments that help her clients feel at ease and open-up in an authentic way while she shoots, Amber will use the art of storytelling through still images while using beautiful natural light.  Developing client relationships allows her to honestly document a family, from birth onward.  Amber uses new ways to approach composition and editing so your final product is both beautiful and true to reality.  

This session is completely designed with the individual client in mind.  (A day at the clients home or even the birth of their new baby.)  Every session is completely unique.  Amber shoots anywhere from 2-4 hours to a full day of the family and whatever happens in a normal day for them.  Amber will work with each family individually to find what is most comfortable for them to simply be themselves.

After all shooting and editing is complete, the family will get a professional, beautiful archival book of all images to forever remember that special time in their lives.  Of course, archival copies are always given with unlimited copyright for personal use.  After all, it is your documentary.  One of a kind.

A Day in the Life Documentary package begins at $995